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It was a windy night. Y/n waited for her husband to return, praying to God, "Don't let this night keep me waiting all night, I'm too tired to understand his duty now. You know, sometimes it's almost like he likes to keep me waiting. Every other constable, even an officer, gets home on time, but not this man.

“You can stop complaining about your Mahadev nowI prayYour dear husband came home - he paused to raise his wrist - two minutes early!

Y/n watched his mouth curl into a wide grin as he stood with his arms outstretched like a starfish.

"Han it?" Just this week you kept me waiting all night with no food or sleep, two minutes earlier doesn't make up for it.

Ram's hands dropped comically quickly. "But then I went out and bought some nice crispy hot jalebis, don't forget that," Y/n found his slight stutter really cute for some reason.

"You bought me sweets the day I had nirjala vrat because of you,Patidew»

The smile on her face was a clear sign of how much she enjoyed reminding him of the night and the next day. Ram was sure that if he didn't do something right away, or rather like someone from above, he would hear about it for the rest of his life.

One day he didn't come home and his wife used it against him every chance she got. He liked it, though he would never say that.

"I still think you should apologize and give it up, I don't think you can do eleven nirjala pradosh." Now he could argue that he was evil, and he certainly could, but God knew he couldn't.

All day he lured Akhtar to Ram's house."Just tell him something shocking, he'll come running!"

After that, poor sweet Akhtar slowly pulled away and ran out of the house straight to the station.

In short, he had to run far that day before hiding in a shop.

"You're right, I can't, but now I must, cruel, cruel man, how can you forget your wife?"

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Her words were sharp, but her face - she had the most beautiful wide smile.

It was exhausting to be at the station and watch terrible things happen. Ram felt as if every day he set foot in a place where a piece of his soul left him.

She was a breath of fresh air, and he looked forward to being with her at the beginning and end of the day.

Her friendship eased his tension on the stormiest nights and unsettled him on the sunniest days. She knew it, and she wasn't going to stop until he asked her to.

"Now that your self-admiration is over, dinner? I made aalu ka halwa."

He went back to the kitchen to start heating everything up.

He quickly took off his uniform and put it aside, then went to take a shower. He usually sat there and thought for an hour, but he was afraid that if she kept him waiting one more night for dinner, she would eat him. Also aalu ka halwa.


"So?" A quick snort was heard before she disappeared back into the kitchen. "Sit down, it's going to be warm soon!"

"You need help?" Sitting alone was something he would have preferred at the station rather than at home.

He didn't answer, but left with a container: "Help? Is it true? March na jau main! She looked at him. He was giving her the most grim expression he had ever seen. "Kidding! The best help is to sit down, eat and tell me about your day."

“Usually you complain and whine as mill work and housework crush you. Now, when a man offers you help, you make fun of him. On bhagwaan mere hi bhagya m Aisi ladki likhi?

Hearing her excitement, Ram allowed himself a smile. "Now give me my halva."

"JiJi, wait," he took some out of the bowl and set it aside, "but first, here's the food."

"Go for dessert?"

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Laughing a bit, he put his plate on, "Oh, listen to your uniform, it needs to be washed, so..."


- Well, take tomorrow off, yaar. She just hoped he would listen. He had no weekly holidays, worked almost sixteen hours, not even holidays off. How he managed to live like this for years was a mystery he refused to solve.

"Why do I need permission for this? I have others."

It surprised Y/n that she didn't even think about it for a moment. Was he really that bad? He really couldn't afford a day off?

"Rum," she took a bite, "one day?" Just one day? The last time you were home was six months ago.

He to no availmmphed. Work seemed to shift his attention from his work to hers.

She overheard him talking about some people from her workplace demonstrating outside offices in the UK. He had to be there to stop them.

"You know, for a second I thought you'd be there, but thank God you weren't." By the way, why were they complaining, you never said anything about problems at the mill.

Her breathing sped up a little, she was right.Why didn't I tell him?

“Ram, you know the British, they stick their noses into everything and everywhere. I didn't think they would be so interested and that their interest would last so long. Anyway, you have a day off tomorrow and that's it.

Ram tried to protest. He could find the Divine Leader at any time.

But wouldn't it be easier to find him when you're not dressed as an officer?

He had the perfect excuse in front of him and he grabbed it.

"Okay, dear woman, I'll stay tomorrow." He could hear the leaves rustling in the pleasant breeze. "Hi, at least the weather is nice, I think I'll sleep well."

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"Haan, let's sleep outside tonight!"

She had no idea how she managed to be so mature and yet so childish.

"No, let's not give in to mosquitoes."

As if she knew she was going to say that, she just went to wash the dishes and then changed into more comfortable clothes.

She paused for a second to stand in the yard and feel the wind in her hair and the earth between her toes. The moonlight painted the world in a silver glow, while the lamps cast a holy glow on her face.

Life has changed in the last few months, she got married and then managed to build a decent relationship with Ram. Speaking of who, she hoped he wasn't planning on spending the night reading like he always did. This man desperately needed rest, as anyone can be.

"Baaki ka, I think you can finish tomorrow?" She quickly grabbed the diary and left before he could retrieve it.

"No, just a few pages and then I'll put it down," he might argue, but Y/N recognized his excuses. It was never several pages, or there was no page, or all pages were not in between.

"You have a chance to get a good night's sleep, but I don't understand why Mahadev has bound me to the most stubborn and stupid man."

"Even if I'm stubborn, you're stubborn too!"

- Not like you, at least I take care of myself!

"I'm taking care of you, Devi!"

"How? When are you on duty? Bhoot bnke?”

"I'm sending you food you like! Last week I sent pyaaz k pakode, samosa and all the rest, how can you say I don't do that?

Ram looked at her as she dropped onto the bed and lay down. "Haan what do you remember, you just don't remember to sleep or let me know!"

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He rubbed his forehead and went to sit next to her. "Oh dad, I'm going to read tomorrow, okay?"

Though she looked annoyed, Ram liked her best when she was content and happy.

"I mean abhi kl chhutti h toh, let's go for a walk?"

It was nice weather for the first time of the season, and Y/n didn't want to spend that time inside when she could enjoy it outside.

“Ah, come and whatever you fancy, but reading becomes a thing, nice. Thanks." Smiling to herself, she stood up and put on her sandals.

"You love it too, hubby," she giggled as she saw Ram blush after winking at him.

«Pasand toh h, chalo madam aapki tamanna puri krde».

So they found themselves on the edge of the most wooded part of the city. Somewhere on the walk, Ram started talking about his work, betraying his uneasiness.

“You are talented and diligent, you could easily do other jobs, why do you keep coming back to this good job?”

She examined him gently.

“No, you don't understand... since I was a kid, that was my goal. I always knew I wanted to come here. Haan, I never realized how taxing it would be, but that goal has never changed."

The control in his voice, the strained shoulders broke her heart. Everyone mourned the loss of their free will, and here was this man, this man who chose to give up that free will.

"This goal, is it that important?"

"More than me."

After he left, Ram didn't speak for several minutes. Y/n had no words either.


So they just kept going.

- It's late, we have to go back. Ram got scared, didn't want to talk too much and hang up. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to say something. Maybe in the morning he'll find the right words.

He was sure his wife would have done it anyway, she had the talent.


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