Suzanne Morphew's missing daughters and husband break their silence (2023)

The daughters of missing mom Susan Morphew and her husband Barry broke their silence three years after her disappearance, and the murder charge against him was dropped.

Barry Morphew, 55, was charged in May 2021 with the murder of his 49-year-old wife, Suzanne, who went missing duringbike ride in Salida, Colorado on Mother's Day 2020.

Her body was never found.

Prosecutor last yearhe dropped all chargesv. Morphew after a judge sanctioned the district attorney's office for violating the discovery.

Now he and his daughters have spoken openly about their situation – and Barry explainedGood morning America ABC NewsHowSusannashe made "bad decisions" as she battled medication and chemotherapy while battling Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Barry Morpheus sits with daughters Mallory (right) and Macy (left) as they break their silence after Mom disappears and murder charges against Dad are dropped

Barry Morphew, 55, husband of Suzanne Morphew (right), filed a civil rights lawsuit seeking $15 million, claiming he was wrongly accused of the disappearance and murder of a Colorado mom

"The loss of reputation and integrity is very painful."

Barry Morpheus and his daughters speak out for the first time since they filed a $15 million lawsuit after the murder charges against him were dropped.@erielershefhas

— Good Morning America (@GMA)15 maja 2023 r

Asked about Susan, Barry told ABC News on Monday morning: "We had a great life, a great marriage. She was just so loving and good and such a good mother.

“I know she was undergoing chemotherapy for the last two years before she disappeared.

"I know he's been through some tough things and made some bad decisions. He had a real problem with chemotherapy and drugs.

Barry said he was "heartbroken" when he found out his wife was having an affair with a man she went to high school with.

Holding back tears, he told ABC News: "My heart was broken. I didn't believe it."

Mallory and Macy's daughters, when asked how the ordeal left them, told ABC: "Very, very sad. Very confused. So traumatic. Literally our worst nightmare.

In defense, when asked if he had anything to do with his wife's disappearance, Barry said: "Absolutely not. The loss of reputation and integrity is very painful."

(Video) Husband sues after murder charges against him dropped l GMA

The women, along with their father, were asked if they ever wondered if their father was innocent. Mallory replied, "I never had a shadow of a doubt." Macy added, "Not one."

During the interview, the whole family hugged each other through tears.

The family hugged and hugged during an interview with ABC. Asked if they ever questioned their father's innocence, Mallory said: "I never had a shadow of a doubt." Macy added, "Not one."

Barry said he was 'heartbroken' when he discovered his wife was having an affair - and admitted he made a few mistakes during his cancer treatment

Striking at prosecutors who believed Barry had something to do with his wife's disappearance, he reiterated: "They're wrong. They have tunnel vision.

"They have looked at one person and are too proud to say they are wrong and look elsewhere."

When asked what was the hardest thing, Macy told ABC News: "I just don't have a mom.

"It's really hard, especially with no closure that we have."

After Barry was charged with murder and the case against him moved forward, authorities released intimate details of their married life.

Suzanne was in a relationship with someone she met in high school, Jeff Libler, while Barry was registered on online romance sites.

While the case was still active, it was revealed that Suzanne, Barry and Libler had appeared together in a local newspaper in 1985.

Both men attended the same high school as Suzanne, and Barry was two years ahead of his wife and Libler at Alexandria-Monroe High School in Alexandria.Indiana.

At a preliminary hearing in 2021, enforcement officials presented Suzanne's text message exchange with her lover in courtin which she told him she was having a nice night and was looking at houses for sale.

When her husband came home from work that day, he found Susan sunbathing in the yard. She sent her photos to Libler via LinkedIn, with which the couple communicated behind her husband's back.

He then showed the court a photo of Suzanne he had sent to Libler that day, in which she was lying on her stomach in a bikini and smiling.

Barry later told investigators that his wife appeared "drunk" in this photo, which officials said was the last evidence of Susan's life.

Morphew charged with wife's murder in 2021 - charges later dropped

(Video) Colorado Missing Mom: Suzanne Morphew's Husband and Daughter's Speak For First Time

Barry Morpheus with his two daughters on April 19, 2022, after the murder charges against him were dropped

The next day, Liebler wished Susan a happy Mother's Day and said he knew it would be a difficult day for her because she missed her mother. Susanna never answered.

His last known text to Suzanne was sent on May 11, 2020, wishing her good luck with her cancer treatment. And this message remained unanswered.

Suzanne survived two attacks of Hodgkin's lymphoma decades apart.

The 2021 hearing also revealed that just days earlier, Suzanne had texted her husband and apparently expressed her intention to end their troubled marriage, which was marred by allegations of infidelity and abuse.

"I'm done," Susan wrote to Barry on May 6. “I would care less what you do and what you have been over the years. We just need to understand it culturally.

It turned out that Suzanne suspected her husband of infidelity and even bought a spy pen to spy on him.

Barry insisted to his wife that he was not cheating on her, writing in a text message: "I promise you, you are wrong with all these crazy thoughts about me. Why would I want another, only a fool would turn away from an angel like you."

Police said the couple had a tumultuous marriage, with the implication being that he killed her out of jealousy or to prevent her from filing for divorce.

But last year, the charges were abruptly dropped without prejudice by Assistant District Attorney Linda Stanley.

This follows Morphewfiled a $15 million federal lawsuit against more than 20 prosecutors and law enforcement officialsfor the "irreparable" tarnishing of his "name and reputation" by "conspiracy to violate his state and federal constitutional rights."

The 185-page complaint alleges that authorities conspired to falsely arrest Morphew, fabricated evidence, withheld exculpatory evidence, and conducted a reckless investigation that led to Morphew's wrongful prosecution.

Alexandria-Monroe High School's 1987 yearbook reveals that Suzanne Morphew was a classmate of Jeff Libler - the same man she allegedly had a two-year relationship with before disappearing on Mother's Day 2020

(Video) Dr. Phil S19E15 ~ Exclusive- Brother Finds Possible Break In Case Of Missing Colorado Mom

Suzanne and Jeff were in the same class, while her husband Barry Morphew was two years ahead

"As a result of the defendant's conduct, Barry was charged, arrested and brought to trial, and his property confiscated for a crime he did not commit," the lawsuit states.

"As a result of the conduct of the defendants", Barry spent five months in prison, around 6 months wearing a GPS ankle monitor with severe mobility restrictions, and nearly a year defending his criminal charges. To this day, Barry's estate remains with the CCSD."

The lawsuit alleges that Morphew's name and reputation have been irreparably tarnished in Colorado and across the country.

Those named in the lawsuit include Chaffee County, the Sheriff's Office and Board of Commissioners, District Attorney 11.

Suzanne was 49 when she disappeared, sparking a massive search and rescue effort.

At the time, Barry Morphew made a series of tearful pleas for her return, but she was soon embroiled in a police investigation, with reporting that officials from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation came down to the house just three days after she disappeared. I.

He claimed he was working in landscaping in Broomfield, Colorado when his wife disappeared, but as DailyMail.comrevealedIn September 2020, his colleagues were suspicious of his movements and said he left his Holiday Inn hotel room smelling of bleach.

Suzanne and her husband had two daughters together. He went missing on Mother's Day 2020

Suzanne disappeared without a trace on May 10, 2020 after leaving home for a Mother's Day bike ride

The lawsuit alleges that investigators and prosecutors concealed DNA evidence of an alleged sex offender found on Suzanne's property. Pictured are FBI and CBI officers at the scene in 2020

Barry's defense team previously filed a lawsuit against 26 people in the investigation and prosecution claiming they had access to evidence found at the crime scene

The area where police believe Suzanne's body may be located is believed to be near an abandoned mine that was previously investigated. Police say they are waiting for the snow to melt in the area before they can dig it up

(Video) Family of Missing Mom Suzanne Morphew Speak Out After Charges Against Father Dropped

He also left a trash can full of shredded mail, which he later turned over to the CBI.

Morphew started a legal process to have Suzanne's estate and their joint estate transferred to him shortly after she disappeared.

In November 2020, she voted for Donald Trump on her behalf, claiming she would have done so anyway.

Investigators later said Morpheus told them he did it "only because I wanted to vote for Trump to win. I just thought, "Give him one more vote."

“I thought all the other guys cheated. I thought she (Susan) would vote for Trump anyway."

In May 2021, a year after Suzanne's disappearance, Morphew was arrested and charged with her murder - even though the police had not found her body.

A September 2020 hearing shattered Morphew's description of his marriage to Suzanne as happy and loving, with investigators revealing he had a long-term relationship with married father of six, Jeff Libler.

Morphew is accused of murdering his wife Suzanne who went missing on Mother's Day 2020. Her body has never been found

Liebler, who never spoke about Susan, was due to testify at the Morpheus trial and obtained Susan's final photo, a bikini selfie taken on May 9, 2020, in the backyard of her $1.3 million home.

The court also heard that used containers of sedative were found in the laundry room at Morphew's home, that Morphew had scratches on his hands a few days after Suzanne's disappearance, and that he had complained to his family about his controlling behavior.

A series of text messages revealed how an anguished Suzanne discussed ending her marriage in conversations with friends and called Morphew "a Jekyll and Hyde character".

His defense attorneys spent much of the trial trying to find loopholes in the prosecution's case - pointing to unknown male DNA found in the glove compartment of her car and pointing to a connection to a sex offender arrested in Arizona.

The Morphew case was then scheduled for a full trial beginning May 1, but was dramatically put on hold a week before it began when prosecutors announced they would drop the case.

The move came after the trial judge barred the prosecution from using a number of witnesses due to violations regarding the discovery, while police said they were close to locating Suzanne's remains and waiting for the snow to melt.

The case was subsequently dismissed without prejudice to the defense's objections, meaning it can be reopened if new evidence emerges.

Suzanne Morphew's body has yet to be found.


Is Jeff Libler still with his wife? ›

Jeff Libler lives in Michigan, is married and the father of six children.

Who is Shoshana Darke? ›

CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — On Wednesday, the prosecution asked a Chaffee County judge to dismiss the trespassing charge against Shoshona Darke, the alleged girlfriend of Barry Morphew. Morphew faces charges of first-degree murder after his wife, Suzanne Morphew, disappeared over Mother's Day weekend in 2020.

Have they found Suzanne Morphew? ›

To this day, the body of Suzanne Morphew has not been found. Almost a year ago, the murder charge against Barry Morphew was dismissed. The latest development in the case is that the attorney for Morphew filed an 83-page complaint to the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.

How long was Barry Morphew married? ›

Suzanne and Barry Morphew seemed to have it all. Married for 25 years, the tanned, good looking couple lived in a $1.6 million home in Salida, Colo., and enjoyed beach vacations with their two daughters. But privately, the couple's relationship had been strained.

Who is Morphew's girlfriend? ›

Barry Morphew Awaits Trial with New Girlfriend in Chafee County, Colorado. Shoshona Darke, 51, is reported to be Barry's new sweetheart, and the couple is even living together while Barry awaits trial.

Did Barry Morphew sell his house? ›

Suzanne Morphew's husband Barry sold their $1.6million Colorado home just WEEKS before murder arrest. BARRY Morphew sold the home he shared with wife Suzanne Morphew almost 10 months after her disappearance - and weeks before his arrest.

When was Suzanne Morphew last seen? ›

Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew was last seen on Mother's Day three years ago, May 10, 2020. Her body has not been found but detectives believe she is no longer alive. Her disappearance made national headlines and the investigation was featured on the CBS News show "48 Hours."

Who was Suzanne Morphew's lover? ›

Suzanne Morphew's married lover Jeff Libler will be forced to take the stand when her husband Barry goes on trial for her murder in May.

Was Suzanne Morphew's husband charged? ›

Barry Morphew was arrested May 5, 2021 on charges of murder after deliberation, tampering with physical evidence and attempting to influence a public servant. A judge dismissed the case against Barry Morphew in April 2022.

Can Barry Morphew be tried again? ›

The murder case against Barry Morphew was dismissed without prejudice Tuesday. CAÑON CITY — Despite all charges being dismissed against Barry Morphew in the death of his wife, Suzanne, prosecutors will still have the ability to re-file charges at a later date.

Where did Barry Morphew move to? ›

According to friends, the Morphews moved from Indiana to a home just outside of Salida, Colorado, to be closer to their older daughter, Mallory, pictured right, who was attending college nearby. But there were also rumors that the move was an attempt at a fresh start for Suzanne and Barry's troubled marriage.

Was Barry Morphew charged? ›

Morphew has been charged with first-degree murder, tampering with a deceased human body, tampering with physical evidence, possession of a dangerous weapon and attempted influence of a public servant.

Who is Barry Morphew's wife? ›

Morphew was charged in May 2021 with first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Suzanne Morphew, who disappeared from the family's Chaffee County home in May 2020. Her body was never found.

Is Suzanne Morphew alive? ›

Morphew Murder

The Chaffee County resident went for a bike ride on May 10, 2020, and never returned home. Her body has yet to be found, but Morphew's husband, Barry, has since been arrested for killing his wife.

How old is Suzanne Morphew? ›

Tuesday marks 2 years since Suzanne Morphew was last seen on May 10, 2020, at age 49.

Does Suzanne Morphew have kids? ›

Spezze added that Suzanne Morphew deeply loved her two daughters and had a passion for life. “I believe people like Suzanne are a rare find and those who knew her were indeed very lucky,” he said. Both Mallory and Macy have stood by their father and attended most of his court hearings.

How old is Barry Morphew? ›

Barry Morphew, 55, was arrested almost a year later on charges including first-degree murder and tampering with physical evidence in connection with his wife's disappearance. But all charges against Barry Morphew were dropped in April 2022, just days before he was set to stand trial.

Did they find DNA in Suzanne Morphew's car? ›

Investigators discovered mysterious male DNA in this Range Rover belonging to Suzanne Morphew. In October 2020, DNA testing revealed at least a partial match to an unnamed man connected to three unsolved sexual assault cases in Tempe, Phoenix and Chicago.

Who was Suzanne Morphews lover? ›

A spy pen found in the closet of Morphews' bedroom contained audio clips of conversations including an argument about money between Barry and Suzanne and a five-hour conversation between Suzanne Morphew and Jeff Libler, the former high school friend from Indiana with whom she allegedly had a two-year affair.

What evidence did they have on Barry Morphew? ›

Photos of his hands and arms were among the evidence made public. Barry Morphew told investigators that he got the injuries from a tree while searching for his wife. Scratches appear on Morphew's hands and arm. Other photos released include items that were burned in a fireplace.

What was the outcome of Suzanne Morphew? ›

Prosecutors initially alleged that Morphew murdered his wife after she decided to leave him, but they later changed course, successfully asking a judge on April 19, 2022, to drop and dismiss the charges without prejudice.

What happened to Heidi Planck? ›

Missing mom Heidi Planck has been officially pronounced dead two years after she mysteriously vanished, following claims by a witness that she OD'd on fentanyl at a wild strippers and crypto gambling party.

Where did Suzanne Morphew go missing? ›

The Chaffee County Sheriff's Office is reporting May 10, 2020, Suzanne went missing while she was reportedly out for a bike ride in the Salida area. The date marked Mother's Day that year. Search efforts were underway some time before authorities announced they believed she had been killed.


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