Singapore Cable Car Tickets | return ticket (2023)

The culmination of beauty.SingaporeSkyline since 1974, the Singapore Cable Car is a must-see in the Lion City. With two unique lines that connect different parts of the city, thesingapore cable carIt's a great way to explore the city in all its glory. Climb aboard the cable cars and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the city in all its glory. It's an innovative way to discover the city and this award-winning experience is one of the most popular in Singapore. Before you buy your Singapore cable car tickets, check out this handy guide to find answers to all your questions.

Why take a ride on the Singapore cable car?

Exploring a new city is exciting for many reasons, but doing it in a regular taxi or tour bus is boring and tedious. If you are in Singapore and want to enjoy the magnificent views of the city, the Singapore Cable Car is the perfect option for you. Board the cable car and experience spectacular aerial views from more than 100 meters above sea level. The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network is the only cable car in the area connecting Mount Faber, Sentosa Island and HarbourFront, making it truly unique. Embark on an unforgettable cable car ride and see spectacular views of Singapore and some of the city's most famous landmarks.

With comfortable seats and top-notch safety measures, the Singapore Cable Car underwent a multi-million dollar refurbishment in 2010 and it's better than ever! Combine your cable car ride with a fabulous lunch or dinner and make your experience even better.

Your Singapore Cable Car Ticket Options

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Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass

Experience stunning views of Singapore's South District during this unforgettable 30-minute cable car ride. During the cable car ride, you'll see some of Singapore's most famous attractions, including Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa, and Mount Faber Park. With this round-trip pass, you'll enjoy unmatched convenience allowing you to complete the entire trip, no matter which station you board the cable car at.

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Experience beautiful panoramic views of Sentosa Island and Mount Faber while enjoying a delicious meal. Their food offers an intriguing array of local classic flavors in two circuits, and if you opt for the 4-course meal, you can enjoy it in three circuits. You can also choose an option with round-trip transportation, followed by a tasting of some of Singapore's best local delicacies with a visit to an exciting restaurant. Enjoy lunch at Arbora Restaurant at Faber Peak or dinner at Good Old Days at Beach Plaza, both included with your Singapore Cable Car ticket!

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass is a popular option as it allows you to visit all six stations in one trip. This means that you can end your journey at the first station you started at, making sure to complete all parts of the journey!

Cable car routes in Singapore

The Singapore cable car network has two lines, Mount Faber and Sentosa, offering unique experiences not to be missed. During your cable car ride, you'll pass everything that makes Singapore so special, including the beautiful beaches and harbour, Singapore's renowned infrastructure, and world-renowned theme parks and attractions that dot the city's skyline.

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Riding the Faber line

The Mount Faber Line, Singapore's original cable car line, is a must-see and one of the most unique ways to experience Singapore. Your journey begins at Mount Faber Station, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding lush rainforest before continuing to HarbourFront Station, where magnificent views of Singapore Harbor await. Finally, enjoy the sensational view of Sentosa Island as you make your way to the last stop of your journey, Sentosa Station.

Stops:Mount Faber Station - HarbourFront Station - Sentosa Station

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sentosa lines

Board the Sentosa Line of the Singapore Cable Car at Imbiah Lookout Station and begin your exciting journey around the island. Disembark at Siloso Point Station and learn fascinating facts about Fort Siloso before re-boarding the cable car for Merlion Station. During this final leg of your journey, you can fly over glorious sandy beaches and take stunning images of the mesmerizing landscape below.

Stops:Imbiah Lookout Station – Siloso Point Station – Merlion Station

Sights on the Singapore Cable Car Skypass

Below are some of the attractions to see on your Singapore cable car ride.

The best way to buy Singapore cable car tickets

In order to maintain limited physical contact, the Singapore Cable Car ticket office is currently not available for guests to purchase tickets on site. Instead, you can buy Singapore cable car tickets online and enjoy your cable car ride. Buying your Singapore Cable Car tickets online offers many benefits such as:

Discounted tickets for the Singapore cable car

Los boletos de ida y vuelta con descuento para el teleférico de Singapur están disponibles para niños de 4 a 12 años a un precio reducido de S$ 17,50. Para la experiencia gastronómica, los niños menores de tres años entran gratis, mientras que la cena de ida y vuelta con un boleto de comida es gratis para los niños menores de cuatro años.

What you need to know before taking a cable car ride in Singapore


go there

Best time to visit



Worth seeing

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  • Monday to Sunday: 8:45 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
  • Last boarding: 20:00 h.
  • Between May 16, 2021 and June 13, 2021 it is from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm every day, with the last boarding being at 5:30 pm.

Duration:Visitors can expect to spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours on the Singapore Cable Car. The exact duration of the attraction depends on the type of ticket.

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  • Bus: Take bus number 36 from Changi Airport to One Raffles Link. Here you can board the number 57 bus, which travels towards Mount Faber.
  • TRM: If you are looking for the cheapest way to get to the Singapore Cable Car from Changi Airport, the MRT is your best bet. From the airport, take the subway to Chinatown and change to the MRT bound for Harbor Front. Mount Faber Station is a few minutes' walk from the Harbor Front.
  • Taxi: Do you want to avoid the hassles of public transport? Take a taxi from Changi Airport and get off directly at Mount Faber Station. While taking a taxi is the most convenient and fastest means of transportation, it is also the most expensive.

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Although the temperature in Singapore is pleasant throughout the year, it is believed that the best time to travel to Singapore is from December to June. You can also visit the city in February, March and April, when the weather is relatively dry and it rains less.

The best time to visit the Singapore Cable Car is on weekdays in the morning or in the evening. Avoid weekends if you want to avoid the crowds, as many Singaporeans also travel for the cable car ride.

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To make your cable car experience even more unforgettable, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. During your stay in Singapore, it is highly recommended to try some local delicacies like dried shrimp, spicy crab, murtabak, chicken satay and many more. You can also opt for a Singapore Cable Car ticket that includes a free meal, or head to one of the many restaurants at each of its stops for a fabulous dining experience.

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Singapore offers visitors a variety of different accommodation options. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Budget: Fragrance Hotel, Travelodge Harbourfront y Harbour Ville Hotel
  • middle segment: Hotel Equarius, Hotel Michael y Amara Sanctuary Resort
  • luxury: Crockfords Towers, Capella Singapur y The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

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There are numerous interesting attractions as well as popular tourist destinations in Singapore, including theme parks, museums, nature sites, and casinos. Places of interest around the Singapore Cable Car include:

  • berg faber
  • Siloso-Strand
  • Silosos Skywalk
  • Resortwelt Sentosa
  • Universal Studies
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visitor tips

  • Avoid riding the cable car in the afternoon, as it gets quite crowded at that time and the temperature also rises exponentially, making the experience uncomfortable. If you only get cable car slots during the day, be sure to dress appropriately and try to visit as soon as possible.
  • Your cable car experience is all about the view. Plan your cable car rides to experience Singapore in all its splendor in the morning and more dazzling at night
  • The windows of your cable car can be kept open to allow for better photos of the stunning views below.
  • You can return to the cable car at any of the stations. Just remember that you will have to queue again since boarding and disembarking at the cable car stations are independent.
  • Avoid visiting the Singapore Cable Car on weekends, especially in the morning and afternoon, as the attraction is quite crowded. Go there as early as possible on a weekend or anytime on a weekday.
  • Take a bottle of water and sunglasses with you when you ride the cable car on a hot summer day.

Answers to all your questions about cable car tickets in Singapore

Where can I buy tickets for the Singapore cable car?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the venue ticket office is currently closed, so get your tickets online and enjoy great deals and discounts.

What types of Singapore Cable Car tickets are currently available?

There are two main categories of Singapore cable car tickets to choose from. The first is a one-way return ticket, while the second option includes lunch or dinner.

What is the validity of Singapore cable car tickets?

Your Singapore Cable Car tickets are open dated and can be used anytime during opening hours. Check your e-ticket for exact validity. However, your Singapore Cable Car Dining Experience Tickets are valid for the date and time selected at checkout.

What is the cancellation policy for Singapore Cable Car tickets?

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Once booked, your Singapore Cable Car tickets cannot be changed, canceled or rebooked.

How far in advance can I buy Singapore Cable Car tickets?

You can buy Singapore Cable Car tickets at least three months in advance.

Who is eligible for discounted Singapore Cable Car tickets?

It depends on the tickets. Discounted tickets are available for children ages 4-12 for return tickets on the Singapore Cable Car. For the dining experience, children under three are free, while round-trip dining with a meal ticket is free for children under four.

What are the journey times for the Singapore cable car?

The Singapore Cable Car runs seven days a week from 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. to 8:30 p.m. m. Between May 16, 2021 and June 13, 2021 it is from 8:45 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day, with last boarding at 5:30 p.m.

Is the Singapore cable car wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Singapore Cable Car Experience is fully wheelchair accessible.

What is the best Singapore cable car experience for kids?

It's best to take the Singapore Cable Car for the round trip, as families with children can turn on their lights at the stop of their choice and explore the island in depth.

What is the best Singapore Cable Car experience for couples?

Couples will find the Singapore Cable Car dining experience extremely romantic as they take in the beautiful views all around while enjoying a delicious meal with their loved one.

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