Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (2023)

Do you want to start a restaurant, but you don't know what positions to fill? You don't know how many people are needed to prepare and serve a dish?

Indeed, it's more than you think!

In this article, I will tell you a little about the positions that can exist in a restaurant and the functions of each staff member.

Additionally, I will give an example of what an org chart would look like with these items.

This guide will also illustrate the importance of each role in the proper functioning of a good dining room:from the owner to the person responsible for waste disposal.

Let's start!

What are the different seats in the restaurant?

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (1)

Different positions perform specific functions in a restaurant.

Each of them is very important to ensure that everything is in order and the dining room flows properly.

Let's note thata larger and more complex institution,more positions will require the attention of the HR team.

Some positions become less necessary for small businesses, meaning that certain tasks are redistributed among existing employees.

In this guide, I've added all the seating you'd find in a large restaurant or hotel. Here is the list:

  • Administrative positions
    • Directors
    • Admin
  • Kitchen tools
    • Chef
    • kitchen manager
    • assistant chef
    • Station chef
    • cooks
    • Cooks helpers
    • cleaning team
  • personel FOH
    • Head waiter
    • Receptionist
    • Sommelier
    • personal belt
    • waiters

This is the personnel required in a facility that must be in constant operation and therefore has a complex organizational chart.

Restaurant management positions

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (2)

At the very top of the system is the administrative staff of the restaurant.

They are of course responsible for managing everything that happens in the restaurant.

1. Director and his duties

The manager is the person in charge of the restaurant.In small restaurantsthe manager is usually the owner.

In some cases, a manager is simply the person who takes over. The owner chooses a manager who manages every aspect of the restaurant in his stead.

(Video) Role and Responsibilities in Restaurant Management

The person appointed to the position of director must have high qualifications:

  • Manage the company and every aspect of it.
  • Make important decisions such as the theme of the restaurant, its operation and other management decisions.
  • He is usually responsible for managing the company's appearance, marketing strategy and more.
  • He is the person with the greatest responsibility at the legal level.

Due to the fact that it fulfills so many vital functions, it is recommended that a person with administrative education andgeneral knowledge of the hosting location.

2. Administrator/Secretary and his duties

The administrator or secretary is responsiblepractical restaurant economy.

He works in constant contact with accountants and bank accounts, as he should be responsibleFacility capital managementand ensuring its proper use.

In addition, he is usually responsible for hiring and firing staff, payroll, daily wages, and anything that has to do with the company's profits and/or losses.

This is one of the most important roles in a restaurant - if you are looking for a job in a restaurant, this is also one of the people you need to impress.

Personel Back of House (BOH).

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (3)

After the administrative staff comes the kitchen staff or what I like to call them -the soul of the restaurant.

Why;Because even if you don't see them, the restaurant is alive thanks to them.

1. Chef / Chef

The chef is the third most important role in a restaurant.

The chef is part of the management team andone of the most important roles in the kitchen.

Its functions are:

  • Creating a menu that all guests will love: from the largest to the smallest dish.
  • Manage all the kitchen staff and their different jobs.
  • Make management decisions about what is served in the restaurant.
  • Ensuring the efficiency of the work of the kitchen team.
  • He is in touch with different roles in the restaurant: from maitre d' to cleaning staff.

This position is only for cooks with extensive practical experience. In addition, they usually have some additional education, such as a degree in culinary arts.

(Video) How to Introduce Yourself to a New Team (CONFIDENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY)

Chef is one of the first positions to considerbefore the restaurant opened. WITHExperience can help you organize it from scratch.

2. Buyer/kitchen manager

In large restaurants, the role of the kitchen manager occurs.

In small establishments, this position is taken over by the manager, the chef, or shared between them.

(Video) What is the role of a restaurant manager

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for carrying out a full inventory of all items in the kitchen - he must see to itall ingredients are available.

3. Deputy leader

Sous chef is the chef's right hand -in the absence of the chef, the deputy chef is the commander of the kitchen brigade.

He is also responsible for following the chef's orders to the letter.

Traditionally, the filling of the assistant chef position is left to the head chef. They both must have great chemistry at work and a lot of trust in each other.

In addition, an assistant chef often gains his position after successfully moving through various positions in the kitchen.

4. Station chief

The station chef or departure chef is responsible for a specific department in the kitchen.

The head of the station reports directly to the Executive Chef and the Deputy Chef.

There are different aspiring chefs:

  • Juice maker/Sauce maker: Supervises the fish cook and the seafood cook.
  • Confectioner: Responsible for the supervision of pastry shops, pastry shops, pastry shops, ice cream machines.
  • chef: Supervise butchers and butchers.
  • Grill Chef: He is responsible for cooking the barbecue and potatoes.
  • Hors d'oeuvre / aspiring chef: Supervises the stew/soup cook and vegetable cook.

Each of these positions is staffed by chefs with experience in each department.

5. Cooks

Chefs are the hands of the kitchen - people responsible for the implementation of all orders under the supervision of the head of the station, sous chef or chef.

This position is one of the most important from a practical point of viewbecause cooks are tasked with preparing absolutely everything that comes out of the kitchen for guests to enjoy.

6. Assistant cooks

Cook assistants undertake all kinds of important tasks related to the service of each station without being directly responsible for the cooking or preparation of any food.

They are responsible for preparing the workplace, tidying up and cleaning each preparation table under the instructions of the station chief.

In addition, they take care of the production area of ​​each station, which includes cleaning and cutting vegetables, cleaning and preparing proteins, and more.

They are also in direct contact with the cleaning crew as they ensure that all equipment reaches the dishwasher area after use.

(Video) Duties and Responsibilities of a Restaurant Manager.

7. Cleaning staff

The cleaning team is as important as any other job – in factIts importance increases with the size of the object.

This category includes dishwashers, those that clean cooks' work tools, and those that clean the kitchen in general.

In small installations, the dishwasher station is usually covered. All kitchen staff perform different cleaning tasks at the end of each day.

Front House Staff (FOH) and its functions

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (4)

Now that you know all the roles in the kitchen that are usually not seen, it's time to learn the ones that are.

1. Maitre d' or head waiter

The maître d' or head waiter is essentially the same position.

(Video) Job Roles For Waiter – Hotel,Restaurant,Food handling procedure

This position is essential for guest comfort.

Its functions are:

  • Invite each restaurant to your table and give them a menu.
  • Direct orders to waiters and also make sure they adhere to good personal presentation and excellent customer service.
  • Pay attention to the needs of guests.
  • Show the bill at the end of the service.
  • They are responsible for training new waiters and cleaning staff.

This post is for individualstrained in service and customer service. They should also have excellent social skills.

In addition, certain skills such as speaking different languages, knowledge of oenology are sometimes required to perform sommelier duties, and more.

2. Receptionist

The receptionist is the person responsible for receiving guests and verifying their reservations - also regulating their entrance and dress code.

It is also a position that requires a person with excellent presence and manners.

3. Sommelier

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (5)

As for a large restaurant, he can act as a sommelier.

The sommelier is an expert in the field of oenology - his task is to recommend the right wine for the occasion and / or dish.

In addition, the sommelier must be in direct contact with the chef or assistant chef to find out which wine or drink best goes with each dish.

4. Personal Belt

In large and elegant restaurants, a bar is usually attached where customers can wait for their companions or a table.

(Video) Restaurant Manager Job Description | Restaurant manager duties and responsibilities and roles

There are different roles in the bar:

  • Barmandedicated exclusively to serving customers and preparing cocktails according to their preferences or alcohols on the menu. This person should have extensive knowledge of mixology and various techniques for making beverages.
  • Bartenders assistants- Similar to kitchen helpers, bartender assistants prepare everything necessary for a bartender to prepare cocktails, including preparing ingredients and cleaning the bar.
  • Barista: a barista is a person who prepares beverages such as coffee, other beverages, smoothies, smoothies, and more. Sometimes a bartender becomes a barista if he has the necessary experience.

In small restaurants, these positions are sometimes filled by waiters with experience in making drinks - although this is not the most effective practice.

5. Waiters: types of waiters and their functions

Waiters are the workforce and the face of the restaurant.

Depending on the organization of the restaurant, there are different types of waiters, especially in larger establishments:

  • waiters: They are tasked with delivering the orders to the kitchen and delivering the dishes when they are ready. In small restaurants, they can also clean up and move the table after the guest leaves. Other functions include delivering the bill to the restaurant, accepting complaints or compliments, passing them on to the kitchen staff, and even charging for services.
  • Runners: In large restaurants, they are especially responsible for bringing food to the table. They work in large teams so that all dishes arrive at the same time and at the right temperature - this is also a common affliction of waiters.
  • Room cleaning team:In large restaurants, they are especially responsible for clearing and rearranging each table after the waiters leave.

Waiters are the people you have the most contact with when you go to a restaurant, regardless of the nature of your business.

For this reason, they are an indispensable element of restaurant service!

Scheme of organization of a personal restaurant

Full List of Restaurant Staff [Roles + Responsibilities] (2023) (6)

The following organization chart for a small/medium restaurant will serve as a visual aid to give you an idea of ​​the hierarchy of some positions.

It is worth noting that regardless of the organizational scheme and hierarchy of the restaurant, each employee must have itprofessional relationship of respect between them.

In many restaurants, employees treat each other like family, which has a very positive effect on improving teamwork mechanisms.

This is what managers, administrative staff and chefs should encourage!

Tip: A well-organized restaurant is a guaranteed success

Each of these positions is very important for the proper functioning of the restaurant.

If any of these elements fail, the restaurant starts to risk dying as a venue:

  • Without someone who manages capital well, it is impossible to maintain a profitable restaurant.
  • If there is no one to cook, the restaurant does not work.
  • If there is no one to serve, no one eats at the restaurant.
  • If there is no one to clean and tidy the restaurant, no other employee will function properly. Or no one would dare to enter the restaurant!

So whenever you go to a restaurant, keep this in mindthe work of at least 10 people or more is needed to enjoy the meals.

Don't forget to advise!

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Frequently asked questions

What are the duties and responsibilities of the kitchen staff? ›

Responsibilities of the kitchen staff

  • Clean and disinfect crockery, crockery and cutlery.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of food preparation workstations.
  • Assisting in the food preparation process by slicing, chopping, slicing and washing vegetables, meat and other ingredients.
  • Comply with all health and food safety requirements.

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What are the 5 responsibilities of a server? ›

A restaurant waiter takes orders, answers questions about the menu and food, sells food and drinks in the restaurant, pays, hands orders to the kitchen staff, serves customers, and assists with customer service and cleaning.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a waiter in a restaurant? ›

The duties and responsibilities of a waiter/waitress include receiving and seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating effectively with them in the kitchen, in addition to memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to increase the sale of entrees, desserts or drinks.

What are the 5 roles of a restaurant manager? ›

Checking in with the guest and making sure they were served top quality food. Professionally resolve customer complaints. Ensuring customer satisfaction with all services provided to them. Prepare daily reports and present them to senior management.

What kind of staff is needed to run a restaurant? ›

Depending on the type of restaurant you open, staffing needs will vary. Your restaurant may need itmanagers, servers, cooks, dishwashers and hosts. In newer or smaller companies, some of these roles may intersect, and servers may act as dishwashers during quiet periods while administrators may be hosts.

Who is the restaurant support staff? ›

Floor staff are usually employed in fine dining and chain restaurants, as well as coffee shops and coffee shops to provide general support to waiters. They clean dirty tableware, set tables and help waiters deliver food to customers. Completely free trial, no card required.

What are the departments of the restaurant? ›


  • Food and drinks.
  • Management.
  • Human resources.
  • Department of Education.
  • marketing and sales.
  • Other functional areas.
  • Telecommunication.
  • Regions/Departments.
What are the duties and responsibilities of a restaurant master? ›

Restaurant captain

  • Provide friendly, excellent and professional service to all guests.
  • Responsible for the execution of food and beverage orders and guest service.
  • Help teammates get ready and set up in restaurants. ...
  • Check that all amenities and utensils are properly stocked and checked.
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How to describe a job in a restaurant in a CV? ›

Examples of work experience of resuming work on the server

  • Responsible for taking customer orders and ensuring their satisfaction.
  • Offer daily promotions and sales to effectively increase the sale of food products with a limited duration.
  • Conflicts and problems with customers when mistakes were made in orders and payments were successfully resolved.

January 24, 2020

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales representative? ›

Usually the seller is responsiblegreeting customers, taking care of the appearance of the floor, directing customers to the goods and operating cash registers. They make sure that their company increases sales and provides customers with products that meet their needs.

Get more information here ›

What is the responsibility of the service team? ›

Service crew members are employees who serve food and beverages, and the two positions are relatedcustomer service, food preparation and restaurant and dining room cleaning.

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What is expected from restaurant staff? ›

They should be customer-focused, always

Being friendly and approachable should be the minimum requirement for working in hospitality, but a truly great server takes those natural skills and hones them to create the best possible customer experience.

Who is the most important staff in a restaurant? ›

General Manager

General Managers are crucial to every restaurant. They're in charge of hiring employees, firing people when necessary, and training new staff members on the business's policies and best practices.

How many members of staff do I need in my restaurant? ›

Staffing Guidelines and Staff to Customer Ratios

Casual dining: One server for every five to six tables per shift and four back-of-house staff per 50 tables. Fine dining: One server for every three to four tables per shift and six to seven back-of-house staff per 50 customers.

What are your responsibilities as a staff member? ›

Your most important responsibilities as an employee are: to take reasonable care of your own health and safety. if possible to avoid wearing jewellery or loose clothing if operating machinery. if you have long hair, or wear a headscarf, make sure it's tucked out of the way as it could get caught in machinery.

What are your main duties and responsibilities? ›

Your duties and responsibilities refer to your legal and professional obligations and the tasks and behaviours that your employer expects from you as part of your job role. Your main duties and responsibilities will be dependent on your own particular role.

What is the hierarchy of kitchen staff? ›

In terms of the hierarchy, if there's an executive chef then the head chef would report to them, and if there's no executive then they would report directly to the restaurant owner or manager. Reporting into the head chef role will be the sous chef and chef de partie, which are coming up next.

Who is the key part of the restaurant staff? ›

The most important employee in many restaurants is the manager. They can help you with your duties or handle them entirely if you plan to be an absentee owner. Your best candidate for the job will have already managed a restaurant in your area and will be familiar with local buying sources, suppliers and methods.

How many staff do you need for 100 guests? ›

How Many Waiting Staff Do I Need?
3 course seated dinner for 100 – formal103
3 course seated dinner for 100 – informal50
3 course seated dinner with shared platters for 100 – informal40
Buffet for 100 – informal50
6 more rows
Mar 18, 2015

How many times should a server check on a table? ›

Servers should "check back" after each phase of the meal — beverage, appetizer, main course, and dessert.

What is the max level for staff in my restaurant? ›

Staff Levels

Staff get levels when they cook food or serve customers. They get 12 experience per dish cooked/served. The higher the level, the faster they work. The maximum level for staff is currently 50.

How do you evaluate restaurant staff? ›

How to use a restaurant employee evaluation form
  1. Familiarize staff with the evaluation form. ...
  2. Explain why your restaurant uses employee evaluation forms. ...
  3. Schedule performance reviews. ...
  4. Ask employees to evaluate themselves. ...
  5. Evaluate employee performance. ...
  6. Share completed evaluation forms with staff before their reviews.
Nov 17, 2020

What is most important for food employees to do? ›

Regular handwashing is the most important thing food workers can do to keep food safe from hazards. If food, drinks, gum, or tobacco are used in or around food preparation areas, there is a high risk of contamination on food and surfaces.

How do you manage restaurant staff well? ›

Improve your managerial skills with these helpful restaurant management tips:
  1. Be consistent. ...
  2. Manage proactively. ...
  3. Learn the operation by doing the work yourself. ...
  4. Prioritize staff retention. ...
  5. Mix it up with a fun promotion experiment. ...
  6. Keep your eye on customer satisfaction. ...
  7. Improve the customer experience.
Mar 14, 2023

How do you list roles and responsibilities? ›

How to write job responsibilities for a listing
  1. Define job title.
  2. Identify job duties relevant to the position.
  3. List duties by importance.
  4. Detail the requirements and qualifications.
  5. Proofread and read out loud.
  6. Send to the hiring manager and human resources department for verification.
Nov 7, 2022

What are the 5 roles in a group? ›

Honey's Five Team Roles
  • LEADER: makes sure team has clear objectives and members are engaged. ...
  • CHALLENGER: questions effectiveness and drives for results. ...
  • DOER: encourages progress and takes on practical jobs. ...
  • THINKER: produces ideas and thinks through those proposed by others. ...
  • SUPPORTER: eases tension and promotes harmony.

What are responsibilities examples? ›

A responsibility might be a task you are expected to do.

Brushing your teeth is “a responsibility” and it is your responsibility to brush your teeth every day. Another example is that your teacher expects you to finish your homework on time and to do your best job.

What are duties or responsibilities? ›

What is the Difference between Duties and Responsibilities? The generally accepted meanings of these two above words are as follows: duty is an obligation that one has to fulfill and responsibility is the act of accepting and acting on a task that has been assigned to you.

What are 5 responsibilities of a person? ›

Duties are actions that we are required to take as American citizens. Our duties are to obey the laws, pay taxes, defend the nation, serve in court and attend school.

What are some good responsibilities? ›

Teaching Guide: Being Responsible
  • When you agree to do something, do it. If you let people down, they'll stop believing you. ...
  • Answer for your own actions. ...
  • Take care of your own matters. ...
  • Be trustworthy. ...
  • Always use your head. ...
  • Don't put things off. ...

What is the chain of command in a restaurant? ›

Some common roles in a restaurant hierarchy include general managers, owners, assistant managers, kitchen managers, bookkeepers, and team members. In most restaurants, only three departments exist: the kitchen, front-of-house, and management.

What is the hierarchy in a restaurant? ›

Most restaurants have three different hierarchies, which include kitchen, management, and front-of-house. There is no set hierarchy across every restaurant, but many do follow similar hierarchies with these three existing at their facilities. In management, the manager will handle all the administrative tasks.

Who runs the pass in a kitchen? ›

The cook in charge of calling out the tickets and making sure each order is complete is running the pass. It's important to have a point person on the line who can accurately call out orders to the other line cooks. The chef running the pass also works with the expo to make sure each dish is plated correctly.

What are the 5 roles of a restaurant supervisor? ›

Restaurant Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities
  • Interviewing candidates and training new staff.
  • Creating work schedules and rotas.
  • Ensuring food safety and compliance with regulations.
  • Checking that diners are satisfied with their meal and service.
  • Handling service issues and customer complaints.

Who is the most important person in a restaurant? ›

The number one position in your restaurant: You!

The restaurant owner. You're the leader your restaurant needs. You work on budgets, marketing, developing your management team and holding them accountable.

Who supervises kitchen staff? ›

Kitchen managers are in charge of the overall operations for the kitchen area of a restaurant. Also known as a kitchen supervisor, their goal is to ensure the kitchen department runs smoothly and complies with safety regulations. Duties include ordering food, preparing menus, and monitoring staff.

What is the most difficult position in a restaurant? ›

Expeditor The Hardest Job in the Kitchen You've Never Heard Of
  • Little known to the public but vital to the smooth running of a restaurant, expeditors set.
  • the pace for the whole dining experience while managing the workflow of the kitchen.
  • like an air traffic controller.

Who gets paid the most in a restaurant? ›

High Paying Restaurant Jobs
  • Cooking Show Host. ...
  • Restaurant Operations Manager. ...
  • Chef Manager. ...
  • Bar Manager. ...
  • Hospitality Manager. Salary range: $40,000-$66,000 per year. ...
  • Sous Chef. Salary range: $45,500-$65,000 per year. ...
  • Chef. Salary range: $31,000-$64,500 per year. ...
  • Culinary Manager. Salary range: $45,500-$64,500 per year.

What are the top priority in a restaurant? ›

For any restaurant, making guests happy and satisfied is the top priority, and for that purpose, restaurant operators try their very best ways to engage their customers.

How many appetizers per guest? ›

A good rule of thumb for a dinner party, allow for 6 appetizers per person. For a cocktail party consider making 12 appetizers per person.

What is staff to guest ratio? ›

Calculating the ratio is quite simple. Divide the number of staff by the number of rooms and arrive at an easily understood scale: one staff member to one room – good; one staff member to 4 rooms- not so good for guests but less on payroll; two staff to every room – a luxury…or is it?

What is the ratio of waitress to guest? ›

For excellent service, the minimum service ratio for conventional sit-down meal functions with American-style service with some foods preset is one server for every 20 guests. If you are using rounds of 10, the caterer should schedule one server for every 2 dining tables.

How fast should a server greet a table? ›

Within 90 seconds of the guests being seated: Greet table; take drink orders.

Why do servers not like to split checks? ›

Another downside to separate checks is that some guests might rightfully assume their tablemates are bigger tippers and back off their contribution. Then the server suffers (similar to how the “banker” guest often suffers when their tablemates throw money in the communal pot at the end of a meal).

How many tables can a server wait? ›

Most servers can manage about 4 tables at any given time during their shift. The number of customers may ebb and flow during the shift, but typically, each server should have about 4 tables when it's steady. This ensures that servers have the chance to make enough money to make shifts worthwhile.

Are restaurants really understaffed? ›

From high turnover rates to difficulty attracting new workers, the restaurant staffing shortage has been the most significant post-pandemic issue. In fact, restaurant owners have said recruiting and retaining employees are among their top business challenges in 2023.

What's the lowest rating a restaurant can get? ›

GRADE A: The restaurant is clean, up to code, and free of violations. GRADE B: The restaurant has some issues that must be fixed. GRADE C: The restaurant is a public risk and on verge of closure.

How much do restaurant workers make a month in the US? ›

$2,291 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $3,333 is the 90th percentile.

What are the duties and responsibilities of steward in restaurant? ›

Steward Duties and Responsibilities
  • Greeting customers, guiding them to tables and delivering drinks from the bartender.
  • Clearing, cleaning and setting tables.
  • Ensuring serving stations are stocked with cutlery, napkins, trays, and condiments.
  • Sweeping and mopping floors in the restaurant, bar, and kitchen.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cashier in a restaurant? ›

A restaurant cashier operates a cash register, communicates with customers, and assists other restaurant staff as needed. Responsibilities in this career can include processing credit card payments, accepting cash payments and making change, and using a point of sale (POS) system for transactions.

What are the duties and responsibilities of kitchen steward in restaurant? ›

The kitchen stewards report to the kitchen supervisor and generally work in a commercial kitchen, restaurants, and hotels. Their responsibility may include maintaining and creating a cleaning schedule for the kitchen, cleaning pots and grills, and washing glasses, dishes, and cutlery. They may also polish silvers.

What are five responsibilities of a steward? ›

The steward will attend to customer needs, assist wait staff, ensure all stations are well stocked, and assist in keeping all areas clean and sanitary. You will clean and put away dishes, clean floors and food preparation areas, refill supplies, wipe tables, and take out the trash.

What are 5 qualities of a good steward? ›

5 Characteristics of a Faithful Steward
  • Confidence. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” - ...
  • Humility. ...
  • Trust. ...
  • Forgiveness. ...
  • Obedience.
Oct 21, 2019

What should a steward not do? ›

But there are certain things that a steward must avoid at all costs:
  • Mistake 1 - Failing to Represent Fairly. ...
  • Mistake 2 - Making Backroom Deals. ...
  • Mistake 3 - Failing to Organize. ...
  • Mistake 4 - Promising Remedies Too Quickly. ...
  • Mistake 5 - Failing to Speak with New Workers. ...
  • Mistake 6 - Failing to Adhere to Time Lines.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a steward? ›

A steward helps manage a restaurant or bar and keeps if clean and hygienic. They may assist with dishwashing and help other employees perform their job. A steward may also perform administrative duties such as answering the phone, taking reservations and providing basic information.

What are the different duties and responsibilities of a server waiter? ›

The duties and responsibilities of a Waiter/Waitress include welcoming and seating guests, taking guest orders, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and in addition, memorizing the menu and offering recommendations to upsell appetizers, desserts, or drinks.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the steward department? ›

The steward department consists of service staff and generally refers to the galley (kitchens). The main duties of these crew members are to prepare and serve meals for the ship's crew and conducting general housekeeping aboard the ship.

What are the job description of customer service representative? ›

A Customer Service Representative, or CSR, will act as a liaison, provide product/services information, answer questions, and resolve any emerging problems that our customer accounts might face with accuracy and efficiency. The best CSRs are genuinely excited to help customers.

What are good cashier duties? ›

Provides a positive customer experience with fair, friendly, and courteous service. Registers sales on a cash register by scanning items, itemizing and totaling customers' purchases. Resolves customer issues and answers questions. Bags purchases if needed.

What are the duties and responsibilities of cashier server? ›

Sets up and displays serving line in an attractive and efficient manner. Washes pots, pans, utensils and other equipment as directed. Follows established and assigned cleaning schedule duties. Maintains health, safety and sanitation standards for staff, students and equipment at all times.


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