Dream Builder Program Review 2023 Mary Morrissey Legit? (2023)

Looking for Dream Builder Program Review I am here to help you today.

Don't call it a dream, call it a plan!

Are you interested in making your dream come true? Someone incredibly creative and eager to learn a foolproof method to catch them?

The Dream Builder program is a 12-week online curriculum designed to help you achieve your ambitions.

You can create your life exactly the way you want without worrying about finances or having to manage all your resources to make your goal a reality.

Conclusion in advance:The Dream Builder curriculum is a 12-week online program. With this program you will be able to obtain the keys to create your life as you want it. The Dream Builder program states that if you keep doing it, you can achieve all your desires in this life.

So are you ready to finally overcome the limiting ideas and bad behaviors that have prevented you from living your ideal life? Take advantage of this opportunity to receive support in achieving your goalsPrograma Dream-Builder.

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If so, this DreamBuilder review will help you figure out how this powerful program works.Mary Morrisseyit can change your life.

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table of Contents

Dream Builder Program Review:Mary Morrissey review

Do you feel disoriented and stuck? I wouldn't be surprised if you were considering how many other adults feel the same way.

While it's perfectly natural to feel this way, it can be hard to understand how life works at this stage.

Someone can be 25 or even 40 years old and still can't ride a bike. That's perfectly fine, and no one will blame you.

The real adversary here is that right now we prefer to compare ourselves with others, which demotivates us and drags us down.

Today I want to share with you my honest thoughts about the Dream Builder program, a personal development course.

The company is called the Brave Thinking Institute and its CEO is Mary Morrissey. She is very knowledgeable and has published excellent self-help books.

Now I will tell you what I think of this program, but first let me say that my ideas are not compromised in any way.

Who is Mary Morrissey?

You can't achieve your dream. You have to get away with it., says best-selling author Mary Morrissey and abrain behind thedream builderprogram.

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She is a Life Coach and founder of the Brave Thinking Institute and has over four decades of experience in transformative science.

Her favorite topic is personal development and she is an expert in "dream building" and the "invisible side of success" that we are all looking for today.

Mary Morrissey met with prominent figures three times, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, for almost a week of discussions and talks.

He also met with Nelson Mandela to address some of the most pressing challenges we face on our planet.

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His training includes aMaster in Counseling Psychologyand an honorary doctorate in Humanities.

She empowers thousands of people around the world to understand their true potential andachieve mental vitality, success and everything that brings you closer to your "dreams".

Now let's examine what it has to teach us all and what we can all learn from its life-changing effects.„Programa DreamBuilder“.

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bob proctorsays: "Most people do not live 90 years, they live 90 times in the same year."

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(Video) Mary Morrissey | DreamBuilder Webinar


That is a question I want to address now. Mary Morrissey is not a fraud and she is real in many ways.

For his contributions, he received an honorary doctorate from the United Church of Religious Sciences. He also has two degrees, one in psychology and one in education.

With his verified badge alone, he has over 125,000 followers on Facebook, but that's not all. She gave a TEDx talk in 2016 that has over a million views as of this writing.

What is a DreamBuilder program?

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This is an online program with12 weeks duration. It is designed to train you to discover what you can achieve in your life.

Would you like your fantasy to come out of your dreams and start to become reality?

We look forward to success in everything with your:

  • love and relationships,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • vocation and
  • Freedom of time and money?

If you answered yes, this program is for you. His goal is to connect you to invisible principles of success that few people understand.

Structure of the DreamBuilder program

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Now let's examine how the course is structured and how effectively it works for you.

What does this program require of you and how easy is it for you to manage your fast-paced life full of other commitments?

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This is an app that can be accessed from any location or device. It is completely online. There is no set time for these sessions and you can attend them whenever it suits you.


dream builderthe duration of the program is12 weeks.There are one or two sessions.every weekwith an average duration of approx.30 minutes each.


So this program is delivered bypre-recorded audio channelsthat you can download or play online. You can also download the PDFs.

As you can see in the snapshot above, you will also receive transcripts and coursework.

Free Extras:

"Nuggets of Gold"They are golden words that you must learn, remember and practice throughout your life. These are simply audio excerpts from each audio you receive on a weekly basis.

You can download and read them at any time, as they are available in PDF format on the panel.

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"Course Work"guides you through the lessons you need to practically apply in your life. It also helps you improve your imagination.

With each course or exercise you do, you get closer to reality and you can see how this program will benefit you.

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You will not only hear the sound, but you will also learn to apply the knowledge gained through this program.

  1. Time frame: 12 weeks
  2. Way: Online
  3. canales: Audio y PDF
  4. extras for free: Download Golden Nuggets, Course and Transcript
  5. Prima: 2 tickets to DreamBuilder Live. 6 live group training calls per hour,
  6. Access to the Personal Concierge Facebook group

Attunement Meditation:

In addition to the films on the weekly programme, there is a10-15 minutesAudio session connected to "harmonization meditation" each week.

This session has the potential to change your life for the better and should be taken seriously.

Lte has an overview of the content

We have discussed the general structure, which is designed to give you maximum benefit without interfering with your daily routine.

I was also impressed with how easy it is with so many options including audio, PDFs, gold nuggets, and courses, especially when everything is downloading.

Interested in taking a look at what's in the DreamBuilder program in detail?

Now we are going to reveal it weekly:

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Week 1: Define your dream

It's just the beginning of the curriculum and it will help you discover your potential to dream. You will learn how to methodically use your imagination to create a life that is just right for you.

The first week consists of two lessons that require two audios. The first audio is around 28 minutes long while the second audio is around 32 minutes long.

As mentioned, these audios are complemented by additional audios for meditation, gold nuggets, courses, and text. [This applies to each audio and each week]

Week 2: Test your sleep

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(Video) 3 Secrets To Begin Making Your Dreams Into Reality Today | Mary Morrissey - Life & Transformation

Now that you know "What would I love?", Week 2 will teach you to find the answer and the value of that new possible life that you have imagined.

The second week session is a bit shorter, with only about 37 minutes of audio plus additional audio for meditation.

Week 3: Increase your sense of merit

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Last week you found out if the dream or the future existence is worth it for you. You are now instructed to increase your sense of worthiness in your potential life. You will find that you underestimate yourself.

This session is divided into two 30-minute audio segments.

Week 4: Making friends with fear

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Consider diverting your attention from your fear and focusing fully on your dream.

Yes, all of this is covered in two half-hour audio clips in week 4.

Week 5: Activation of the Traffic Law

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This week guides you on the power of giving that aligns you with the law of circulation of the universe. How the power to receive completes this process.

Dream Builder Program Review 2023 Mary Morrissey Legit? (16)

We are all part of a rich cosmos and we can only achieve our goals if we focus on them.

Again two audios, the first of about 31 minutes and the second of about 28 minutes.

Week 6: Change your perception

You have mastered the ability to give and receive, which allows you to harmonize with the law of circulation of the universe.

Giving and receiving must be accompanied by an attitude of forgiveness. Why do you forgive others to benefit yourself? Find out the solution to this question this week.

In terms of audio, it will be a short week with only 20 minutes of audio.

However, you may have long "courses" to do.

Week 7: Release through the practice of forgiveness

It is difficult to practice forgiveness. It is divided into stages and phases. To be honest, it takes practice.

You need to make a habit of what you are going to learn this week.

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Long audio this week of around 40 minutes. You need to practice meditation as it will not leave you during the whole process.

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Week 8: Listen to the still voice

The advanced level of this program begins this week.

With the groundwork established so far, the next critical step is to understand and acknowledge your "intuition." This is your "quiet, small voice" that you cannot silence.

It has the ability to help you live the life you often envision in your dreams.

At this stage, you will start to love the show as it is now full of positive energy and conviction. It's like nothing can stop you.

It only takes you 45 minutes to complete the audio in one go. Every week 45 minutes daily of meditation and "homework" [doesn't that remind you of your childhood?]

Week 9: Building a Greater Faith: Building a support system to bridge the gap

At the next level, this step will demonstrate the importance of developing a support system for yourself. This support system that surrounds you with your followers can be especially helpful when you don't believe in yourself.

This support system will help you move from the dream stage to action.

This week you will receive a 41 minute audio and the regular assignments.

Week 10: Changing the channel: A frequency for answers and solutions

To discover the infinite riches that exist in the cosmos, you must be receptive and begin to adapt to intuitions.

In the previous stage, you learned how to build a support system for yourself. You will now identify your fellow believers and begin to make promises to one another. Finding opportunities and pursuing beliefs will be a fundamental common goal here.

This week's audio session is approximately 26 minutes long and includes practice sheets and gold nuggets.

Week 11: Turn failure from a pitfall into a stepping stone

This week you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the entire process from scratch. There are still certain gaps that need your attention, which could hinder the pursuit of your dreams.

(Video) Listen to This 10 Minute Guided Abundance Meditation for 28 Days | Mary Morrissey

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The lessons you are about to learn are about how to deal with mistakes and move on.

"The Gift of Feedback"It consists of an audio and a video.

Incredible and motivating. All this will help you to meet your new avatar.

Week 12: Harvest your dream

In the 12th and final week of the program, you will feel closer to fulfilling the life of your dreams. You will realize that it is not the dream itself that is important, but the journey towards your goals.

The final audio recording lasts 37 minutes.

Life makes more sense when you drive it the way you've always wanted, and this software definitely gives you access to it.

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Prices| How much does DreamBuilder cost?

You have two payment options for a 12 week program and the price is set reasonably.

Dream Builder Program Review 2023 Mary Morrissey Legit? (20)

One-time payment: $497

4 installments: $596 [$149 for each fare]

Now comes the fun part. We all enjoy bonuses, and when it comes to our aspirations, everyone will appreciate it.

Here is a list of the rewards:

Dream Builder Program Review 2023 Mary Morrissey Legit? (21)

  1. Two free tickets to a DreamBuilder live session costing $1,197
  2. 6 hour long live group calling sessions costing around $1,200
  3. 3 meditations valued at $84 each
  4. Access to Facebook VIP group
  5. Personal program concierge to answer your questions

So now you have everything you could want in a program and life coach.

👉Start with DreamBuilder for $497

How do I enroll in the DreamBuilder program?

Are you excited to be a part of this life changing program? Signing up and getting started is pretty easy and straightforward.

Step 1: Click here to visit the official website of the program

Step 2: Choose the payment option,namelySingle payment or installments

Step 3: Enter your personal information such as name, email, and phone.

Step 4: choose the payment method: PayPal or credit card

Step 5: Click "Place Order"

That's it, you will receive your email id details shortly and you are all set.

Dream Builder Program Review 2023 Mary Morrissey Legit? (22)

What you get when you sign up now

This life-changing 12-week online program consists of four simple, engaging, and powerful components:

Part 1: 16 hour long lessons

Get instant access to your exclusive members' area where 1-2 hour-long audio lessons are unlocked every week.

Each of these sessions has a new Dream Building System Key to help you get closer to your goals.

You'll listen to these basic and easy courses on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you.

Part 2: 16 “Gold Nuggets” guides will be displayed.

No more searching through your notes to find the note you want!

Each of the 16 sessions includes a downloadable "gold nugget" summary of key topics, as well as helpful weekly action items to help you put what you've learned into practice.

By incorporating these "gold nuggets" into your daily routine, you can quickly gain momentum toward a life you truly enjoy.

Part 3:Guided Attunement Meditations

To attract the abundance you seek, you must raise your vibration. This is exactly what these guided meditations do for you.

Each week you will receive a new money manifestation meditation to help you connect with your subconscious.

(Video) The Hidden Code For Transforming Dreams Into Reality | Mary Morrissey | TEDxWilmingtonWomen

These meditations have been carefully designed to complement each week's lessons while encouraging development and transformation.

Get in the habit of listening to these 10-minute meditations every day to enhance your abundance and stay connected to the source of all abundance.

Part 4: Sweet DreamBuilder® LIVE video clips

Mary Morrissey's team has compiled a collection of 12 of the best DreamBuilder LIVE highlight videos, where she and her faculty colleagues speak from the stage.

This 3-day live immersive event creates an incredible environment by bringing together a diverse group of dreamers (from all over the world) to build vision-driven lifestyles. You can feel this energy in every movie.

Like you"Personal Concierge",He is also available to help you.

When you check in now, you'll be assigned a 'Personal Concierge', a member of our staff who will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Dream Builder Program Review Testimonials

Neale Donald Walsch, author de
Conversations with God

Mary Morrissey changed the path of my life and brought me back to myself by seeing me as I really am. If there was one person that I have personally met in my life that I would place my utmost trust in, it would be Mary Morrissey.

dr. Wayne W. Dyer, bestselling author of
manifest your destiny

Maria is one of our most powerful and enlightened teachers. She breathes wisdom from her.

Joan Borysenko, PhD, author of
Inner peace for busy people
Maria is one of the wisest spiritual teachers of our time.

I knew that she could not only help me achieve my dream, but also help me discover what I really wanted to experience in life. So I said yes. As a result… my life has been catapulted.”

felicia searcy california

Mary is showing me how to get from where I am and I'm also beginning to formulate where I want to go because I didn't even have that... I have clarity about my dream... There are endless possibilities you can do. this information."

Mary Horace Louisiana

It was exactly the missing piece that I was looking for to get clarity on where I am and where I want to go.”

tamra lobo virginia

Going through the Dreambuilder program was one of those changes. A shift in consciousness... and it was just a different way of thinking. I had studied many things before, but all this was encoded, compiled, understood.

eli mayer

I decided to enroll in the DreamBuilder program... After 90 days, I stopped taking nine medications a day. So it felt amazing. I felt freedom. I felt free from the attachment to the medication. I had more energy than my children.

kelly olson

What I got from the DreamBuilder program was a fresh start in life. I found out what my new dream is. I found out what my new path is. I got the support to be able to follow up. I reconnected with my spirituality and was able to see synchronicities coming my way to help me along the way.

Barbara Whitman

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What is DreamBuilder Live?

Dreambuilder Live is an event featuring the world's best teachers on how to achieve your goals. You stay somewhere away from work and home to focus on your desires.

Fazit: DreamBuilder 2023 Program Review Mary Morrissey Review

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did we guess? Yes of course. We know the author and her background. The software is very well designed and packed with audio, self-learning tools, and PDF files.

In terms of price, you can choose to pay all at once or in installments, making it easy to buy.

👉Start with DreamBuilder for $497

There are limited time benefits and you can't miss them.

Surprisingly there is365-day money-back guaranteethis eliminates the need to wait any longer. Start building your dream with the Dream Builder program.


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