12 signs an avoidant loves you (2023)

12 signs an avoidant loves you (1)

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You two are together and having a great time, but your significant other often seems very mysterious. They come close and make you the center of attention in a moment. Next time they are cocooned and won't connect to you.

But chances are your significant other is elusive in love. Yes, these people exist. Even if they have genuine feelings for you, sometimes it's not very clear. You must watch for signs that an avoider loves you.

Like your significant other, you need emotional security. Their erratic behavior can also cause some emotional turmoil. they may seememotionally distantand unstable, but your love can be real.

In general, people who avoid love tend to turn to love addicts. This is how opposites attract. While one yearns for love, the other hesitates!

When you're both talking about taking the next big step, it's time to think hard. You need to check if our partner is avoidant. Now read on!

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You can find some key signs that an avoider loves you.

Who avoids love?

According to psychology, love avoiders are people or individuals whointimacy of fearand loving but passionate gestures. People who exhibit love avoidance behaviors often come across as emotionally distant, cold, andintroverts.

In short, you can call them zealous lovers. They avoid intimacy and emotional closeness for fear of rejection and loss..

But that doesn't mean they aren't capable of loving other people.

How does a person avoiding love show feelings?

You can pay attention to the signs, an avoidant loves that you understand that. You will show love for-.

  • Introduce it to your family and friends
  • get ready forphysical intimacy
  • additionally show andemotional attachmentto you
  • Ask about marriage and plans
  • Use of non-verbal communication in public

12 signs an avoidant loves you (2)

How does an elusive person fall in love?

While the personality traits that keep you from falling in love are hard to decipher, with a few tweaks they can lead to beautiful partners. These people have feelings too. Therefore they are also capable of love.

For these people, especially men or women,amorousit's like a roller coaster. You have to understand that they are emotional beings. Therefore, they avoid falling in love. But when they fall, they fall hard!


After all, these people consider every aspect of their personality before falling in love. You will think of everything in detail. Quite a thinker, huh! They will verify that you are ready to commit and can understand it. In addition, people with love avoidance behaviors are also subject to an overall risk assessment. They want to be sure you won't let them.

Intensive attention is one of the most importantavoidant binding signs🇧🇷 Over time, they suddenly feel uncomfortable with all the attention and romance. The feeling becomes scary and suffocating for them.

Additionally, individuals who avoid love tend to overthink relationship issues. During a relationship, these people can develop irrational fears. The fear of losing your partner! They may think their partner will cheat on them, die, or leave them. Even if they are irrational thoughts, they have these thoughts!

This is how they end up distancing themselves from their partner. This feeling of fear often puts a strain on the relationship.Research conducted by the Department of Psychiatry, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, Australia, says such individuals often avoid social and emotional interactions because of their worst fears.

Love avoiders end up preparing themselves for the worst relationship possibilities! In turn, they lose focus on the present. Also, their needless anxiety causes them to lose the emotional bond with their partner. In short, they become completely different people.

In general, love avoiders begin to distance themselves as their relationship develops. Therefore, you need to look for signs that an avoidant loves you in order to understand their feelings and emotional turmoil.

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12 signs to check if an avoider loves you

If you feel like your partner is suddenly avoiding you, it's time to think differently. They may not be cheaters, but they are dismissive and avoidant in love. You may be in a relationship with someone who avoids love.

But when you're a love addict, the challenge is even greater. Many people often need to check their partner's feelings. Luckily, there are attachment avoidance tips to help you through this process.

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1. You are willing to make yourself vulnerable

The main characteristic of avoidant love is the fear of intimacy. They think that if they fully open their world to you, they will get hurt. That's why they never fully open up to you. If you feel that your partner often acts confused, consider this a sign of avoidant attachment.

Love avoidance people often offer you a little glimpse into their world. But when they share their whole world with you, they are definitely in love. Your partner may seem introverted, but when they tell you all their secrets, trust their honesty!

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2. They love their non-verbal PDAs

Love avoiders show positive results, according to a University of Toronto study.Reactions to non-verbal communication.You'll be flattered when you share a warm smile, a simple palm touch, or loving eye contact. These actions reassure them that you mean business. If you want to know how to make avoidant people miss you, indulge in some nonverbal communication.

3. They demonstrate non-verbal communication

A reserved lover may have difficulty showing affection in any other way. So watch out for thosenonverbal communicationThey offer. You're lucky if your partner offers romantic gestures like holding hands in public and protects you during an argument. Giving back is the best way to make an elusive love!

Watch this video to learn how nonverbal communication works in relationships:

12 signs an avoidant loves you (3)

4. They encourage you to create personal space

Love avoiders often get confused when trying to get some personal space for themselves. But if they encourage you toget your own space, is a positive sign. A loving avoidant will only allow you to remain distant at times if they have genuine feelings!

5. They go out of their way to get in touch with you.

These individuals often end up dancing for safety reasons. But do they make an effort to reach you? So it is one of the most important signs that a avoider loves you.

(Video) Dismissive Avoidant: 5 Ways To Tell An Avoidant CARES - Avoidant Attachment Style | Coach Court

If they're really in love, they'll occasionally text or call you and maybe share some good jokes. Remember, it's a stark contrast to your reserved personality!

Also try: How well do you get along with your partner?

6. They listen to you

People who avoid love try to be good listeners when they are in a committed relationship. Your husband or wife can listen carefully to your needs and desires. You will certainly make an effort to fulfill these wishes!

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7. You take the first step in a relationship

One of the main signs a avoider loves you is when they make the first move! It is not natural to attack you unless they are deeply in love with you! So when they reach out, try to play shy and let them show you around!

8. They want to get intimate

The avoidant's greatest fear is intimacy. When they are ready to become physically intimate with you, consider this one of the significant signs that an avoider loves you.

Intimacy is very important to these people and they will do anything for you!

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9. They are addicted to you

A love avoider shows addiction to everything but you. If you're both having a good time together and your partner is showing intense emotions, that's a positive sign. If they follow you like a stray puppy, tell them. This sign is one of the signs that an avoider loves you. After all, you've become their comfort zone!

12 signs an avoidant loves you (4)

10. They try very hard to bond with you

For an avoidant person, attachment is quite complicated. But if they make an effort to connect with you through the things that matter to you, that's a good sign. These efforts show that they trust you and are willing to commit to you. For her, attachment is something deeply emotional that rarely happens!

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11. They introduced you to their friends or family

Do you have an introvert lover? You are lucky if your significant other has introduced you to their family members or close friends. They don't welcome you into their inner circle unless they're sure of your cause. This step shows that they have decided to settle down with you.

12. They say yes to marriage

The biggest sign among signs that an avoider loves you? They say "yes" to the question of marriage. Your partner might even drop the big question!

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A love avoider is a person who fears intimacy in a relationship because of fear of personal inadequacy or rejection. But they tend to open their hearts when they are absolutely sure. As your partner and significant other, you must consider your feelings. They may need some validation and love to overcome their fears. It's up to you to show them that you mean business with their love. Simple gestures usually get the job done. You can also do couples therapy to make sure you both get closer!


How do Avoidants show they love you? ›

They Willingly Spend More Time With You

However, when an avoidant loves you, they will start to let you into their free time more often. Spending time with you, even if it's just doing nothing together, is a strong sign an avoidant is comfortable around you.

How does an avoidant act in love? ›

Love Avoidants evade intensity within the relationship by creating intensity in activities (usually addictions) outside the relationship. Love Avoidants avoid being known in the relationship in order to protect themselves from engulfment and control by the other person.

Do avoidants say I love you? ›

Yes, a dismissive/avoidant can absolutely love you and walk away from you without shedding a tear. That doesn't mean they don't care. Dismissives wrap their emotions in thick armor which shields them from having to feel pain.

How can you tell if someone is avoidant attached to you? ›

Signs and symptoms
  1. avoiding emotional closeness in relationships.
  2. feeling as though their partners are being clingy when they simply want to get emotionally closer.
  3. withdrawing and coping with difficult situations alone.
  4. suppressing emotions.
  5. avoiding complaining, preferring to sulk or hint at what is wrong.
Nov 11, 2020

How do you make an avoidant feel loved? ›

How to Increase Intimacy and Communication with an Avoidant Partner: 21 Ways
  1. Be patient. ...
  2. Create an atmosphere of safety. ...
  3. Respect cultural differences. ...
  4. Try to understand how they view 'needs' ...
  5. Avoid controlling their behaviors. ...
  6. If possible, offer alone time. ...
  7. Try not to interrupt their space.

Do Avoidants push away people they love? ›

Fearful-Avoidant Attachment

They desperately want to feel connected but have a hard time trusting others. They tend to rely on themselves and often see themselves as abandoned, but they push people away, in actuality. There is a constant fear that their partner will view them in a negative light and leave.


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