12 Great Business Ideas to Make Money (2023) (2023)

Starting a business sounds exciting, but where do we start? We often think we can start later, "Later, when there's more money in the bank," or "Later, when I have another degree in my pocket," or "Later, as soon as the opportunity arises." The reality is that afterwards it never comes to fruition. If you were wondering how to get started, read on to find out how.

How to come up with a business idea

Talking or concentrating on a certain topic for hours every day can become monotonous. However, if you are running a business, you need to spend a lot of time talking about your business and you need to be proficient on the subject. In addition to the main theme, you have to master many other things. Problem solving, which includes everything from a dissatisfied customer to a broken pipe to a broken website, is a key skill for small business owners.

When coming up with business ideas, first think of something you absolutely love, something you obsess over. You must be happy with the fact that his business is becoming an important part of your life. What makes you forget time? What is calling your attention?

Next, think about what problem you are solving by starting your business. Consider these questions:

  • How is your commercial offer unique?
  • What sets you apart from the competition?
  • Can what you do become a profitable business? If so, how?
  • How long do you think it will take to become a profitable business?

Answering these questions will help you develop a business idea. If you're still not sure what might be right for you, read on for ideas that might pique your interest.

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Ideas for small businesses


Have you noticed flower arrangements in shops, restaurants, cafes, and at baby showers and weddings? If you have a talent for making flower arrangements and making them look beautiful, you should consider starting a flower arranging business. Start small with an order or two and see if you like it. From there, decide if it's for you!


As Irish playwright and Nobel laureate George Bernard Shaw wrote: “The best place to find God is in a garden. You can dig there." If gardening has been a hobby of yours for a long time, consider starting a landscaping business.

“You can have your customers provide the tools; It depends on the level of service you offer. You can run a landscaping business with minimal tools. You can also buy many tools. I started with a pair of pruning shears, a rake, a shovel, and a bucket of grass. That's it!" says Judith Meier, who owns a landscaping business in New York's Hudson Valley. She has grown her gardening business by word of mouth and specializes in vegetables, perennials, small fruit trees, and herb gardens, but doesn't plant lawns.The nice thing about owning your own business is that you can choose your area of ​​expertise and also choose what you don't want to do.

meal delivery service

There are many meal delivery services and meal packages available. That doesn't mean there isn't a place for you to enter the market. Do you love to cook a specific cuisine? Do you offer specific diets, such as B. Keto, Vegan, Pagan or Gluten Free? Many people don't have time to cook or just don't like to cook, so you can solve a problem for them. Offer your food delivery service to your neighbors, friends and community and see the response you get. From there, adjust your offer and launch on a larger scale.

planned event

Are you comfortable running multiple projects at the same time? Event planning requires extensive planning and many types of projects, all of which add up to a single event. As an event planner, you are responsible for ensuring that all the elements of the event are ready: flowers? Review. Eat? Review. Music? Review. Even the smallest details, like lighting the candles and having enough toilet paper in the bathroom stalls, are your responsibility. If all of this sounds exciting, then event planning might be for you.

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Business ideas with low investments

sitting pet

Pet sitting might be something for you if you are an animal lover. Pet care requires a small investment. You might consider purchasing pet sitter liability insurance. Otherwise, the cost of caring for pets is low. You should be comfortable visiting other people's homes and possibly staying overnight. For good customer service, make sure to keep your customers up to date on their pets by sending them videos and photos.


Some people find great satisfaction in purification. If this is your case, starting a cleaning service could be a good idea. First, market yourself online through local community boards and on your social media pages. If you want to keep your company's investment low, use your customers' cleaning products and equipment, such as B. Vacuums, mops, and sponges. If you want to use your own products and devices, please make sure that this is factored into the costs you charge.

professional organization

While some people hate to organize, others find great pleasure in browsing, sorting, and organizing. Your fun idea could solve a lot of problems for someone who needs help decorating areas of their home or office. Starting a professional organization service requires little investment. Document your organizational skills with "before" and "after" pictures so you can promote yourself and attract more customers.

music performer

Weddings, parties and birthdays are more beautiful with live music. If you play an instrument or sing, you could start a business as a music performer, especially if you're already performing for free in your local church or community. Start communicating with your network and offer your services on social media as well. Describe your style of music and your repertoire of songs. Keep marketing yourself until your business takes off.

home delivery

The task of obtaining and delivering things can be daunting for some and exciting for others. If you like to deliver items, consider starting a home delivery service. First, set your rates and delivery terms, consider your costs (the vehicle, gas and anything else you might need, and the value of your time), and choose your payment processing options (mobile payment services). or cash).

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Online and home business ideas

online teaching

Just as working from home has become completely normal, so too is teaching and learning online. If you know a subject and can help others, then online teaching could be a great opportunity for you, and you can do it from home! If you excel at something and know how to explain it well, try teaching!

online accounting

The idea of ​​accounting can be overwhelming for many. Fortunately, there are people who are talented accountants. Start with small projects and grow your business from there.

Organize a group program

If you're good at leading groups and want to solve a problem for others, consider organizing a group program. You can do it right from your living room with a free app like Zoom or Google Meet. Topics can be nutrition, health, career, education, and finance.

Translation service

Calling all polyglots! As our world becomes more and more connected, many people need the translation of documents, especially technical and legal documents. To start your translation service, consider getting certified.

frequent questions

How to start your business with no money?

Some businesses don't require a lot of overhead, so you can start with very little, especially if you're creative. Remember that you can start small and build up over time. As you get more clients and work, you can reinvest some of your earnings in equipment. However, other companies require a larger investment. If your business needs capital, look for investors and co-owners, or borrow money from the bank.

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What business trends do we see in 2023?

Businesses will continue to be driven by technology. Experts believe that our relationship with technology will deepen, including at work and in daily business transactions, according to a study by thePew Research Center. Business travel will also decrease. “Businesses will continue to encourage more online meetings (less travel) and more work from home (less travel),” the study said.

How are you preparing for your company in 2023?

to examinebasic tax informationbefore starting your business. You also shouldChoose a company structure(for example, LP, LLC, or Corp.), choose a name, register your business, and open a business bank account to conduct all your business transactions.

In addition to choosing a business structure, naming your business, and opening a business checking account, it's important to understand all of the legal requirements for starting a business.LegalZoomis a resource that can help register companies and ensure compliance with required legal procedures.

After all, you start imperfectly. Start your business as a side hustle. But it only begins. One of my first writing jobs, which would later become my writing business, was a press release for a tech startup. The startup founder needed someone who could explain the product. If he hadn't written this press release, I probably wouldn't have found out that I could become a full-time writer. The moral of the story is: start now. Learn as you go. Be curious about what you find really exciting and go for it.

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